Wednesday, 5 July 2017

London based live art laboratory

A testing ground for new live artworks, collaborations and chance meetings. artists working in or across the borders off: performance art, ritual, video, sonic art, spoken word, poetry, rants, lectures, workshops...

curated by Luke Jordan

PSYCHOSONIC ACTION LAB II, Planet Cheek, London 23/03/2019

Rick Jenson and Fontelo, photos by Luke Jordan 

Selina Bonelli, photos by Luke Jordan

Luxul, photo by unknown

Luxul, photo by Nuno Veiga

Natalia Mali, photos by Naddy Sane

Natalia Mali, photo by Nuno Veiga

Orlando H, photos by Naddy Sane

Luke Jordan, photo by Emilie Newman

Luke Jordan, photo by Nuno Veiga

Luke Jordan, photos by Naddy Sane

Iraida Arax, photo by Luke Jordan

Venus Raven, photos by Luke Jordan

Tomoroh Hidari, photo by Luke Jordan


Live: Luke Jordan, Ellen KP, James Shearman and Taylor Aylin, Becky Fury, Lolly Adams, Nicola Woodham, Crime Fetish, Robin Bale, Gentle Stranger, Tom Chisholm, Isn'tses, Auslander, Los Basurillos, μ / Lydia Morgan, Mothax

Video screening: Orlando Harrison

(soon to be updated with more photos)

Laura Adams, photo by Luke Jordan

Gentle Stranger, photo by Luke Jordan